My name is “Sassy” and sassy is what I am. I have lived at Brentwood Animal Hospital since I was a kitten and am now 12 years old. I love living here because of all the attention and treats I get from everyone who works here. As you can see, I tend to be a little “thick” around the middle. When I’m not supervising the staff, I enjoy ripping into bags of cat and dog food stored at the clinic, eating the plants on Dr. Heider’s windowsill, vomiting, and being lazy sunbathing in my favorite spot on the windowsill in the kennel.

My personality is most apparent when I’m being moved from my favorite spot, or when I’m told not to do exactly what I want. I will get SASSY and let you know I’m NOT happy!!! I am also known at the clinic as “Sasquach”, “Sassafrass” “Sassy Pants” along with countless other variations of my name.

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