Sep 14 2018

Nail Trimming: Tips for Success

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Nail trimming can be tricky for a lot of pet parents. Some patients still need professional assistance- our veterinarians can help you evaluate your pet’s individual situation and in some cases, recommend medication to make this procedure less stressful. The good news is that are some tricks at home that can help many pets get used to you giving them nail trims. Dr. Marquart’s tips are below:

  1. Remember Rome was not built in one day. It will take time to train your pet to tolerate a pedicure.
  2. I recommend going to your veterinarian and requesting a nail trimming session. This way you can see them trim the nails and have a better understanding of how much to take at a time. The veterinarians and technicians at Brentwood Animal Hospital are more than happy to assist you with this!
  3. Make sure to start off slow. I recommend first buying a scissor-type nail trimmer like this one.  Take the nail trimmer out daily and give your pet a high reward treat – string cheese, turkey hot dog, peanut butter, salmon flakes, tuna, cream cheese, etc. every time you take it out. Do this for 2-3 weeks before trying to trim their nails with the trimmer.
  4. Once step 3 is finished, it’s time to start trying to trim the nails back. I recommend doing 1 nail and giving your pet the high reward treat. If they are still tolerating this well, you can do the entire paw. I would stop there and give them the high reward treat. Do 1 nail/paw a day until they tolerate this well.
  5. Start slowly increasing the amount you trim day by day until you can get all 4 paws done at a time. Always give a high reward treat after every paw.

–Dr. Alicia Marquart

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