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We’ve tallied the numbers and identified the most common 20 dog names we saw here at Brentwood Animal Hospital in 2016! Did your dog’s name make the cut? We hope to repeat this in future years to see our patient’s naming trends! Stay tuned next week for the most popular cat patient names!

Drumroll, please……

20. Chloe

19. Ginger

18. Tucker

17. Rosie

16. Murphy

15. Oliver

14. Max

13. Lola

12. Buddy

11. Ruby

10. Gracie

9. Maggie

8. Charlie

7. Bailey

6. Bella

5. Daisy

4. Sadie

3. Louie

2. Sophie

1. Lucy, with 30 “Lucy” patients seen at Brentwood this year! That’s a margin of four patients over the second place name. Congrats, Lucy!

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