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We hope you’re enjoying the cooler temperatures and the fun outdoor activities that come with fall. 
Now through the end of 2016, we’re offering a 20% discount on all Royal Canin Genetic Health Tests. 
You may have heard of these “breed analysis” tests in the past. However, Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis profiles are different– offering both breed analysis AND genetic disease screening.

These new, simple tests check your dog for more than 130 genetic diseases, including degenerative myelopathy, the multi-drug resistance gene (MDR-1), dilated cardiomyopathy, and so many more. Knowing if your pet is a carrier for these diseases helps us avoid, delay, or lessen the severity of illness for your pet when they arise. 

We thought it would be interesting to share the process of testing your pooch, so Dr. DeWilde’s pooch Maple stepped up as our first GHA test to walk you through!

First, we opened the individual GHA test kit. Each test is bar coded for tracking and to ensure the accuracy of the results.

Second, we drew a small blood sample from Maple. Don’t worry, Monique gave her some cuddles and treats afterward, so she didn’t mind. Dr. DeWilde registered the kit online with our office information as well as her contact information, since both the clinic and the owner get a copy of the results. We double checked the blood sample and packed it up properly for mailing out right away! Monique was kind enough to ask her dad, a USPS postman, to make sure this very important package made it safely into the mail. We couldn’t hardly wait for the results.

GHA Collage 1 GHA Collage 2

Since Maple was a rescue dog that Dr. DeWilde adopted in vet school many years ago, we didn’t know much about her history. We were guessing she was some sort of corgi mix, possibly with some lab or beagle. More importantly, Dr. DeWilde was worried about if Maple was a carrier for degenerative myelopathy. This disease, common in corgis and German shepherds, can cause progressive orthopedic issues as dogs age. At nearly 12 years of age and with a history of orthopedic issues, we all hoped that this wouldn’t add to Maple’s issues.

In just 2 weeks, we had the results! While we did learn Maple was a carrier for degenerative myelopathy, she only had a single copy so it’s unlikely that she will develop this disease! She also passed the rest of her genetic tests with flying colors! And now for the fun stuff….what the heck kind of dog is this short legged fluff ball? Drum roll please…….

Maple GHA Cover Maple GHA Page 6

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Maple’s genetic health analysis showed a variety of breeds all the way back to her great grandparents! While there were multiple corgis present, she also had beagle, collie, and Chow Chow in her lineage. She is now proven to be the ultimate mutt and we had a great time guessing where she came from. Mutt or not, she’s still the cutest.

Maple GHA Breed page

Running the tests on several of our own pets and now several clients has given us so much more information our veterinarians can use to keep them healthy and institute even more preventative health care measures to help them lead long, happy lives. While guessing the breed background is fun, the genetic health testing provides us solid medical information. We are now regularly recommending these tests for many pets, even purebred animals. For instance, we have recommended the test to the following patients:

– Any new sight hound/herding dog puppies (e.g. Australian shepherds and collies) to check for the MDR-1 (multi-drug resistant gene) gene that may cause the patient to be intolerant to common medications like heartworm preventatives.

-King Charles Cavalier puppies: to check for the presence of the dilated cardiomyopathy gene

-Corgi and German shepherd puppies: to check for the presence of the degenerative myelopathy gene

-Any pet owner interested in learning more about their pet’s background and genetic health predispositions

If you’re interested in testing your pooch, please call our office to schedule a quick outpatient blood draw. Within 2-3 weeks, you’ll receive a detailed, comprehensive report analyzing your pet’s lineage and the results of their genetic disease testing. 

Now through December 31st, we’re offering 20% off of these tests. In addition, we’ll be posting “Guess the breed” photos on our Facebook page, using photos of the pets we have tested and confirmed! Post your guess and winners will be entered in a drawing for a free GHA test at the end of our promotion! 

For more information on the test procedure, call our office or visit

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