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Spaying, or ovariohysterectomy, is a common surgical procedure which involves removing the uterus and ovaries from a female dog or cat. Spaying, performed under general anesthesia, is recommended for all females and is ideally performed prior to the first heat (estrus) cycle. This is an outpatient procedure and our patients are discharged the same afternoon.

Benefits of spaying include greatly reducing the risk of mammary (breast) cancer, avoiding a life-threatening uterine infection known as pyometra, avoiding behavioral issues related to hormone cycling, minimizing reproductive tract diseases, and reducing pet over-population. Overall, this procedure will greatly improve your pet’s quality of life. For dogs, spaying is recommended around 6-7 months of age. In cats, it is recommended around 4 months of age.

At Brentwood Animal Hospital, we take great care in our surgical preparation and monitoring. All patients are required to have a thorough physical exam, complete blood count, and chemistry organ function profile prior to general anesthesia. After these screening tests, a custom protocol is created for each patient, involving sedatives, gas anesthesia, anti-nausea medication, and pain management. Monitoring equipment is used to evaluate heart rate/rhythm, blood pressure, temperature, carbon dioxide levels, and oygen levels throughout the length of the procedure. IV fluids are also used to improve anesthetic recovery. Our AAHA-accredited hospital has a state-of-the art surgical suite and utilizes the highest standards in sterilization, significantly decreasing the risk of bleeding and infection.

Although this is a common and routine procedure, it is still considered abdominal surgery. Most patients recover from anesthesia within 24 hours. However, we recommend restricting activity for at least 1 week after surgery in order to ensure appropriate healing. We offer a “onesie” or Medical Pet Shirt in order to protect the incision during the healing process. In some cases, an e-collar is also required. Post-operative pain medication is considered standard and is used after each procedure to ensure your pet is comfortable during their recovery period.  

It is our pleasure answering any questions you may have regarding the procedures performed at Brentwood Animal Hospital. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone, email, or appointment with any concerns.

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